Hey, hey Marie Claire!

I was a little surprised the other day when a client of ours told us that she first heard about us in Marie Claire magazine. I thought to myself, "What? I didn't know we were in Marie Claire..." So I asked our lovely client for the particulars and she told us everything, down to the very page number! I marched right out and bought the current issue (November) and sure enough, there we were, right on page 194...

Well, I'll be! How fun is that? Marie Claire thinks were a great addition to you Holiday SoirĂ©e and we're inclined to agree! We're listed along with some of our favorite Brooklyn foodie friends: Whimsy & Spice, Liddabit Sweets, and S'more Bakery. A party where each of our sweet specialties is present is a party I want to go to!

P.S. How impossibly adorable is this illustration?? Our delectable Gingerbread Mustache Cookies have never looked so good...


Ingredients for successfully running a small baking company

Running a small baked goods business can be exhausting. When you’re the owner, accountant, marketing executive, operations manager, head baker and countless other hats, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done.

BestVendor, an excellent startup based in New York City, helps connect people with useful apps that can make their work life (and their personal life) better. I created a list of some of the software tools I use on a daily basis to help my company run, and to help keep me sane.

Please go over and take a gander! Hopefully there'll be something on the list that is new to you and that you can use to be more productive or more organized.

View the list here!


My niece, the architect...

I just got the cutest text message from my niece. Apparently, she took it upon herself to plan and design and even make a model of the future storefront of Butter + Love...

This might be one of my favorite pictures ever. I especially love how the Butter + Love sign is hanging from copper wire. I have always had a fondness for charming signage...

She may not be old enough to vote for me everyday, but she's clearly showing her support - and that makes my heart happy!

Help us get there - Vote now!


Butter + Love goes American Gothic... ahem, American Made

As you may have heard, Butter + Love is in the running for the Audience Choice Award in Martha Stewart's American Made contest. Although the overall audience vote is only a portion of the final decision - it's a big part! And we are asking you, from the bottom of our hearts, to vote for us - daily! - until September 24th. Winning this contest would be a huge honor, as well as a huge help in furthering our business...

Being a fairly new, New York City based company we've got a challenge ahead of us; one that we're eager to rise to: Get America's attention! When thinking about a creative way to "rally the troops" we got to thinking how great it would be to take classic American images, give them our own Butter + Love spin, and then post them to our various social media networks to help spread the word. This entire photo shoot, from the initial spark of genius to final photo editing, took about a week to finish. However, we threw the actual shoot together in less than a day. Luckily we live in a Borough filled with talent and creativity, and we when we called on our friends to help pull this off they were eager to help. Plus, we gave them cookies - lots of cookies. You know what they say, Team work makes the dream work. Well, team work and cookies.

First up: American Gothic...

Michael and I have a soft spot for Americana, so finding the necessary ingredients for this photo was fairly easy. We used our beloved Brooklyn as a backdrop - utilizing an amazing, old wooden home found in historic Fort Greene/Clinton Hill. We're outfitted with items from our own closets as well as a few generous loans from friends. The rolling pin we picked up on a trip Upstate last spring and that's the apron Michael uses when he helps me out in the kitchen. As far as the pose - he had the deadpan look down immediately, but it took a lot of concentration on my part to not smile!

Next up: Alison as "Rosie the Riveter..."

This was so much fun to shoot! The original image is so empowering, but I have to tell you - getting to BE the image is even better! I have a thing for vintage linen, so the tablecloth I had on hand. I picked up the red bandana from The Brooklyn Flea last weekend and borrowed the (perfect colored) chambray shirt from my friend Daria. Another friend, James, gave me that awesome B+L tattoo. Voila! "Alison the Riveter."

Next... Uncle Sam: I want YOU!

Granted, Uncle Sam didn't wear a fedora or sport a delicious Butter + Love gingerbread mustache cookie... but he should have. The beautiful, hand-stitched 48-star American Flag hanging behind me usually hangs in Michael's apartment - we found it in an antique shop out on Long Island, and it's one of his favorite possessions.

And now the best part, the cookies get their closeup... a la Andy Warhol:

Warhol's "Four Colored Campbell's Soup Cans" is such an iconic American image and it seemed the perfect way to showcase our Signature Jam Sandwich Cookies. My best friend Stephen worked his magic using a select few iPad apps to make this happen, and I love how it turned out!

So there you have it folks! Patriotic, classic Americana, delicious looking photos for you to re-blog, share, Tweet, Pin, Instagram, and show your friends. Help us rally the troops! Help us spread the word!

Let's show America what this creative, artisanal, and delicious bakery can do!


Hop on over to Martha Stewart's site and vote for Butter + Love!

These photos would never have been possible without the generous help of the following people:

Photos/Images: the incomparable Stephen Gire
Stylist, hair & makeup, and gentle, affirming presence: Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society
Typography: Janet Kim
Wardrobe contributors: Daria Siegel, Hilary Rushford
Tattoo artist/backdrop holder: James Oliphint
Drivers, prop holders, craft service, directors of social media, and general enthusiasm: Austin Shepard, Sarah Lilley, and Matt Albert


Pinch me!

My, oh my! Guess what I got in my Inbox yesterday?! An email from the folks at Martha Stewart Living letting me know that Butter + Love is a FINALIST in their American Made awards! With almost 2,000 entries, only 100 companies were chosen. Seriously, pinch me now! I'm so excited!

The fact that we're a finalist is... well, it's amazing. Every aspect of Butter + Love - each Tweet, each photo, every decision from perfecting the flavor combinations to adding menu items to carefully wrapping each Etsy order to be mailed off - is a labor of love. I have worked around the clock over the past year to get it to where it is today and when something like this happens, well... it just makes you take a moment to rest in that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

However, this is only the beginning, we've got a long way to go, you and me. We've got to rally the troops and get people to vote! Voting began yesterday - and you can vote everyday from now until September 24th. So, please, oh please, for the love of butter... and for the love of deliciousness, I ask you to vote for us! Click the link below to get started:

Thank you in advance for your support, from bottom of my lil' heart...


A weekend in the country...

We're heading to Cape Cod for the weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Life is so busy for us, and we're looking forward to spending a few days just settin' on the porch, drinking coffee and lazily watching the boats go by. And, of course, there will be lobsters. There should always be lobsters.

Cookie Season (aka: the Holidays) is upon us, and we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with our favorites and rest up before we dive into four months of being up to our elbows in flour, butter, and sugar! Although, let's be honest... there are worse ways to spend your time! (Smile)

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


I'm fairly new to Instagram; just a couple of months actually. Michael took my phone one day, started an account, handed my phone back to me and said, "This will be your new favorite thing. You're welcome."

He was right - I'm having a blast with it! Although I enjoy most social media outlets, I find it far easier to take a pretty picture than I do trying to be informative, descriptive, and witty in 140 characters or less.

However, not everyone is on the Instagram Train. This is know... and totally understand why! It's so easy to be overly connected these days. However, I am always looking for an opportunity to take a pretty picture, so it's more for my personal enjoyment than anything. I think I'm going to start posting some of my favorites here - for those of you who choose not to "Stop and Instagram the roses." (I'm speaking mostly to my sweet Mother who only *just* figured out how to text. Bless her heart.)

If you're Instagram saavy, let's stay connected! I post mostly about the Baker's Life, but sometimes I can't help but take pictures of my adorable dog and the amazing neighborhood in which I live in Brooklyn

Follow me at: @butterpluslove!

Stout Chocolate Cupcakes - for my dear friend's birthday

Sweet + Savory jam sandwich cookies

"Hurry up and wait." (or, An actor's motto.)
I got the chance to play a small role on a new TV show, debuting on CBS this September, "Elementary." It was fun to take a break from the kitchen for a day and hang out on set with Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller. I'll keep you updated on when the episode will air!

Sweet jam sandwich cookies. They're just so pretty!

"Stop and Instagram the roses."
On my way to the kitchen in the wee morning hours...
Fort Greene, Brooklyn

On Labor Day, we labored! But we got to make cookies...  so it was a labor of love.


Packaging up some cooking for my purveyors.


Guest Blog Post: Ellie of The Boozy Bakeshop

One of the best aspects of Butter + Love is the team of people that help make all the magic happen. Although I've tried to do it all myself - especially in the beginning of the company - it's just not possible. Well, it's possible - it just makes me super grumpy... and nobody likes a grumpy baker. 

No, instead I've started to assemble a pretty fantastic team, Team B+L. Some work with me in the trenches every day, some for just a matter of hours each week, one from the West Coast, and one who although she has a full-time job at a magazine, occasionally pops in the kitchen to help us make cookies... just because she likes cookies. Over the coming months I want to introduce you to each one, but today, we're going to get to know this last one I mentioned - our hard-working and talented volunteer, Ellie Nowak.

She first came to us by the recommendation of a friend who told us, "Ellie is an amazing baker, one of our best friends, and she has a baking blog called The Boozy Bakeshop where she bakes booze into things. She's curious how a professional bakery is run, so she'd love to volunteer from time to time." I took a look at her blog and was immediately taken with her - any gal who's willing to throw a little tequila (and a dash of snarky sentimentality) in a cupcake just to see what happens, is A-OK with me! A few email exchanges later, Ellie started showing up to the kitchen and B+L started to benefit from her talent, hard work, humor, and willingness to bring in homemade limoncello ice cream.

So, without further ado, I invite you to enjoy the musings, witticisms, and insight of one Miss Ellie Nowak...

The Tin Man

I never much cared for The Wizard of Oz.  Perhaps it’s because, while all my friends were dreaming of being a girl from Kansas, with visions of MGM Technicolor dancing in their heads, I failed to find a connection with the cotton-smocked, pigtailed allegory of Frank L. Baum’s feminist sympathies and whatever it was about the silver standard.  William Jennings Bryan and allegory aside, the problem was simple: I’m the Tin Man.  

Yep, that awkward, funnel hatted, silver faced woodsman is me.  Due to an ill-fated love affair, the Tin Man chopped off all of his own limbs with a wickedly enchanted axe.  Clever man, he replaced each part with tin, which makes him tireless, without need for food or drink, but devoid of internal organs.  Without a heart, he cannot love.  Yet, for all his lack of aorta, the Tin Man is kind of the emotional hot mess of the team.  I mean, he cries over accidentally crushing a bug.

Like the Tin Man, I don’t have a heart.  Yeah, I have the necessary muscle tissue that contracts and expands - I’m not like Iron Man or made of pig valves - but I lack a metaphorical heart, the one that spurts butterflies and romance when punctured.  I tire periodically, but I have an innate ability to run in 4-inch heels.  I don’t need food and water; I can subsist on Twizzlers and coffee for days.  So what do I do when circumstances require a welling of surface emotion?  Like the Tin Man, I cry, then I stress-bake and feed people.

I could make a convenient scapegoat of my family; I grew up in a household that never said squishy, sentimental I love yous.  Not out loud, anyway.  The feeling was there, baked in a pie, like so many proverbial blackbirds.  “Hi, are you hungry?  Did you eat?” greets you at the door, promptly followed by an outpouring of pot roast, hand-kneaded bread, and an oh-how-convenient-i-just-happened-to-have-a-sponge-cake-and-fresh-berries-here.  We argue about the price of lettuce.  For my birthday, I ask for butter.  Every important conversation happens at the dinner table, though as a stranger in my family, you might need subtitles.  We are generations of cooks, bad and good, and this act of giving, of breaking bread, of making the consumable something beautiful, is in itself a language of love.(Fortunately, we are also a family of fast metabolisms).

I hope that this food/love language translates to the real world, because as an adult, I’m still the Tin Man.  I’m jointed, but I rattle and clank; words are awkward and often poor.  My jaw gets rusty and I say nothing.  But I do my Christmas shopping at the butcher counter.  I apologize with a bowl of soup.  Chocolate salted caramel cupcakes mean thank you; booze-filled pie is the declaration of love that can’t be spoken.  Monthly dinners with my NYC family tree spell out whole paragraphs of I need you/I care about you/I want to know you better/I’ve missed you/someone please open the bottle of scotch.  And I make an incredibly seductive Thanksgiving turkey.  That's right.  Incredibly.  Seductive.  Turkey.

For me, each dish, each cookie, comes from a place of passion, not just for the culinary, but also for the act of creating meaning in a meal.  This food is not for survival, but for living.  It is for every value I can’t place, every word I can’t say.  It makes it possible to go through life tireless and clever, rattling and clanking, polished to a shine.  It is a heart of my own making, sawdust filled, but tender.

And I’ve found that girls from Kansas really do make for nice company.


From the Recipe Box: Peach Berry Pie

Have you ever decided to go through a closet or a pile of boxes in the basement looking for a particular something, only to be so distracted by all the other things you come across in the process that you forget your initial objective? You know... that old knitting project you never managed to finish; a stack of photographs from your fly fishing trip to Wyoming; a heartfelt birthday card from an old friend that made you tear up when you got it... and tear up all over again re-reading it. 

This happened to me last Sunday. While working on my last post, I had to go back through my iPhoto album to search for some pictures I had taken awhile back. I couldn't quite remember when I had taken them, so I decided to start about two years back and scroll forward from there. It was like a walk down memory lane - each dinner party I threw, each knitting or sewing project I worked on and took a gazillion pictures of to post on my craft blog, and each pie I baked... and I used to bake a lot of pies! All before starting my own cookie business, I might add.

A strange thing happens when one decides to change the course of things and start a business - you lose all of your free time. (Smile) Well, almost all of your free time. Whereas my down time pre-Butter + Love was spent crafting and writing blog posts, the little free time I have now is spent brainstorming, experimenting, and tending to the (never-ending) general upkeep of an up-and-coming company.

But... back to last Sunday. After a good, long while spent waxing nostalgic about pies and yarn, I found the pictures I was looking for, saved them to Blogger, promptly closed my laptop, looked over at My Beau, and said, "I have to bake a pie. Now." 

30 minutes later after a quick jaunt to the corner market for some delicious tasting peaches and summery, plump blueberries - I was blissfully, knuckle-deep in flour, butter, and sugar. (I prefer to make my pie crust by hand - never had much luck with the food-processor method of dough making.)

Making this pie was like having a great conversation with an old friend - one that you don't get to see often, what with the busyness of life and responsibilities, but when you get together, it's as if no time has passed at all. It may sound funny to romanticize something as simple or domestic as baking a pie, but that's how we do things here - chalk it up to the "Love" part of Butter + Love. 

The pie turned out so well and was such a hit with our friends that evening, that I wanted to post it here for you. Maybe it will inspire you in a similar way - inspire you to close your laptop and determine to do something you haven't done in awhile... something familiar, something life-giving, maybe even something sweet...


Perfect Peach Berry Pie
(adapted from my own recipe, posted many moons ago on my craft blog Le Petit Hibou)

Pate Brisee, enough for one 8 or 9 inch double crust pie
3 3/4 pounds fresh, ripe peaches
1/4 cup, 2 teaspoons sugar (These 2 teaspoons are optional, depending on the sweetness of the peaches.)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 vanilla bean, cut crosswise into 1/2 inch pieces
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon fresh nutmeg (or cardamom) **
Handfull of blueberries, de-stemmed, washed, and patted dry.
2 tablespoons good quality bourbon (I prefer Bulleit, but we had Eagle Rare on hand, which was just as good.)
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into small cubes
1 egg
Coarse sanding sugar, for sprinkling on the crust

** Please, oh please make sure that your nutmeg or cardamom is fresh.  As with most spices, ground spices can lose their freshness after time, so give it the ol' nose test. If it smells musty and old, it probably is.)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

In a small dish, soak the 1/2 vanilla bean in the bourbon. Set aside.

Roll out one disk of pate brisee to line a pie dish, leaving 1/2 inch overhang, and place the pie dish in the fridge to chill.  Roll out the second disk of dough to 1/8 inch thickness and cut strips for a lattice crust. Place the strips on a parchment lined cookie sheet and chill in the fridge.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil.  In the meantime, prepare an ice-bath to blanch the peaches: Empty a tray of ice cubes into a large bowl, fill with cold water, and set aside.  Gently score the bottom on your peaches with a knife.  Once the water has come to a boil, drop the peaches into the water  (2-3 at a time) and blanch for 10-12 seconds, or until the skin at the bottom of the peach just starts to peel back.  With a slotted spoon, remove the peaches to the ice water and repeat with the remaining peaches.  Remove the peaches from the ice water - gently remove the skins and then pits.  Slice the peaches and set aside.

Remove the 1/2 vanilla bean from the bourbon, shaking off the excess liquid. Gently pry open the bean, and using the dull side of a knife, scrape out the seeds. Place the seeds back in the bourbon and give it good swish to incorporate.

Remove the strips of dough from the fridge to soften a few minutes - this will make them easier to arrange on top of the pie.

Mix both sugars, flour, and nutmeg. Add the peaches, hand-full of blueberries, and vanilla-bourbon to the flour-sugar mixture and gently stir to coat.

Pour the mixture into the prepared pie dish.  Arrange the strips of dough in a lattice, trip the ends, and fold the dough from the bottom over these edges. Using your fingers, crimp the edge of the pie. Place the bits of butter in the open spaces of the top crust.  Whisk the egg in a small bowl and then using a pastry brush, gently brush with the egg wash.  Generously sprinkle coarse sanding sugar on top.

Bake the pie at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce oven temperature to 375 degrees and continue baking until filling is slightly thick and bubbly and crust is golden brown, about an hour more.


Happy (Belated) Anniversary, Butter + Love!

July 11th marked the One Year Anniversary of Butter + Love - however, we were so busy that we completely forgot! Whoops. In the weeks leading up to it, I kept thinking, "Oooooh! I'd really love to do something fun to mark the fact that we've been around for a year - one whole year!"  But as is often the case with life - it just got so busy.

However, a belated anniversary is better than no anniversary! So to mark the truly incredible (... and humbling, and exciting, and promising, and super fun) occasion - we'd like to invite you to celebrate with us! 

We'll be kicking off the festivities this Thursday by offering a 15% off discount on all the items in our Etsy shop for a week! Anything and everything you buy through our shop from July 26 - August 1 will then be freshly baked, thoughtfully packaged, and on it's way to your doorstep in a matter of days! Just enter the code: BPL15 when you check out and the discount will be applied to your total order. (Please note: the discount does not apply to shipping costs, just our delicious cookies!)

Then, starting next week, we'll be doing something I've been wanting to do for a long time - Giveaways! I'm still coming up the specifics of it all, but I will tell you that I've managed to collect all manner of fun vintage, baking, and packaging-inspired things to give you, our amazing customers. 

So stay tuned... and feel free to pass the word along to your friends. Cookies for everyone!


Butter + Love: The Mini-Movie

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Monica McCarthy, of Show & Tell Stories, into the kitchen for the morning, along with her two incredibly talented cinematographers, Jason Koontz and Adam Koontz. (Yes, they're related. Brothers, actually.)

(Show & Tell Stories work their magic...)

Monica recently launched Show & Tell Productions, a company that provides 2-3 minute trailers, or "mini-movies," for small businesses, entrepreneurs, book authors, and the like. It's a fantastic idea, especially for newer companies, such as mine. And having a short, beautiful, artistic visual representation of what makes your company unique and enticing? Well, what company wouldn't want such a thing!

(The boys ready the action shot.)

I have to say that I often spend my time in the kitchen noting how beautiful the cookies are, not to mention the fresh ingredients or the careful process by which the cookies get made. I get giddy over the fresh, herby green of marjoram; the colors and textures of the various spices we use; the look of baked-to-perfection butter cookies. Luckily, platforms like Twitter and Instagram make it fairly easy to capture quick moments like this to share with our fan base. But to have a professional camera crew in the kitchen, capturing each moment live and in Hi-Def is... well, it brings the whole process to life in such an amazing way - one that you, as the customer, don't always get to experience. It's like I invited you into the kitchen with me for the morning. I just love that.

(I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.)

Another thing I loved (and really appreciated!) about this experience was the way in which Monica helped direct the shoot. From the pre-shoot interview to the filming itself, Monica's questions were insightful, helpful, and encouraging - especially in helping me focus my thoughts about my company, how I wanted it to be conveyed, and about what I was hoping to get out of this mini-movie. As a small business owner, my brain is full to the brim with a million-and-one things to be done, so having her artfully coach me through the process was incredibly useful, even with my background in acting! I felt like I was telling the story of Butter + Love to a friend, which made interview portion a pleasure. She also made sure my hair wasn't sticking up awkwardly and my lipstick wasn't smeared - seriously, Thank God for Monica!

(Adam, Monica, and Jason)

We've already made the video live on the homepage of our website, and we've been getting all manner of love on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It's been fun. So I hope you enjoy it - and please, feel free to share it, post it, Tweet it. Help us spread some Butter + Love...


Post Script: HUGE shout outs to my lovely kitchen assistant Carolyn who even put on eye-liner before coming into the kitchen that day - no small feat for a baker. I barely managed to "put my face on" myself. Also to Shane O'Neill, the friendly Barista at The Greene Grape. He brings a smile to my face each morning and I'm glad he was willing to help with the shoot. And... to The Greene Grape. You guys rock. 'Nuff said.

Post, Post Script: If you're interested in telling your own story, PLEASE check out Monica's website (linked above). Reach out to her and let her help you make a mini-movie of your own! 


Purveyors: Foragers Market (Chelsea)

With each Manhattan purveyor it seems we're inching a little further into the city - first ThirsTEA in the Lower Easte Side, and now the most recent, Manhattan outpost of Foragers Market located in the heart of stylish Chelsea...

We're pleased as punch to be there! It is a beautiful, one stop shop for all things local and delicious. And we just dropped off a fresh batch of goodness today, so make sure you stop by soon to get your Butter + Love fix of jam sandwich cookies and mouth-watering shortbread. Oh, and be sure to say hi to Alex, one of the friendly baristas behind the coffee counter. Grab a cup of joe and tell her Butter + Love sent you!

Customer Spotlight: Martha Stewart Living

We recently got the chance to share our Edible Labors of Love with the fine folks over at the offices of Martha Stewart Living. They caught wind of our "adorable berry box packaging" and asked if we could bake a special run for some VIP clients, announcing their June issue. The issue is all about berries, and as you know, that is subject matter we at Butter + Love are passionate about!

They decided to go with our Sweet + Savory package of cookies, but asked if we could make the normally square cookies round. We were happy to oblige as this was a special edition... and besides, it's fun to change it up every now and then, right?

We've got another custom order for MSL coming up next week - and this one with a new twist on the packaging! - so stay tuned for pictures of the delicious beauty we came up with!


My {Current} To Create! List...

Photo by: Kate Boka

If you live in the Northeast then you're aware of the unseasonably warm weather we've been having. It is positively Springlike outside! It's supposed to be in the 60s all week. The 60s! In March! 

Absolute madness.

 I don't know about you, but the sunshine and sheer loveliness of it all has me wanting to create - recipes, gifts, dinner parties, excuses to have an afternoon cocktail with a dear friend. My "To Create!" list seems endless. Here are few things currently at the top of my list:

Make my own stamps. I did this for our Valentine's Day Packaging and had a ball. With a few supplies (easily purchased at an art supply store) and a few YouTube video tutorials, you can create custom stamps to add a little something extra to stationary, fabric, packaging, wrapping, etc. 

Hand-paint-dip wooden utensils. I love this idea! I spied it on my Pinterest feed and just love the simple, eye-catching look it gives ordinary utensils. I think I may try a lovely peach, citron green, or even a neon hue...

Make vats of this divine looking blackberry sage cooler! The recipe can be found on the blog, Scaling Back. It looks to be the perfect way to quench your thirst during an afternoon of baking or crafting...

Make a Lebanese Lemon Cake. Spring always inspires me to bake with citrus fruits. Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit - the bright, tart zing associated with them wakes us up from the comfort food of the winter. Lately I've been particularly interested in lemon upside-down cakes, and this one looks to be the perfect recipe to try...

Plan a simple, rustic but elegant dinner party or wine tasting. After hibernating all winter long, I'm aching to resume my pursuit of the Hostess With The Mostest title and invite some of my favourites over for good food, good wine, and good company! Perhaps a tasting of refreshing Spring white wines, or a dessert tasting of Butter + Love's upcoming new flavors? I think I could find a guest or two for such an event...

What's on your "To Create!" list this Spring?


The Good Word: Daily Candy

While in the kitchen the other day, I got an email from the editor of Daily Candy New York: He was going to feature Butter + Love and needed to check a few facts as well as request some high rez photos of my cookies. I had to re-read it to believe it,but after I did, I promptly did a happy dance - cookie cutters in the air, twirling my kitchen towel around in circles - and then sped through my remaining tasks in order to get home and shoot off some pics for him to use.

You can imagine my absolute delight, then, the next morning when I woke up to find my inbox full of Etsy orders and links from friends to the lovely, lovely article. To quote from the write up:
"Though RiRi makes finding love in a hopeless place glamorous, we search more conventional spaces. Like the arms of another or, most recently, a cookie jar.
Specifically, one filled with treats from Butter + Love.
[This] Midwestern transplant tweaks old family recipes with fresh local herbs and fruit. The resulting gooey double-decker sandwiches are rich, refreshing, and not overly sweet.
Resistance is hopeless."
Thank you for the kind words, Daily Candy, and for helping to spread the (Butter +) Love...


The Good Word: Cool Hunting

Hey, hey! The oh-so-sleek and impossibly "in the know" website, Cool Hunting, just featured Butter + Love. Take a look...

Overall it was a great review - but in particular, they liked our Salted Honey Lavender Shortbread, hailing it a, "... a classic, well-executed iteration based on the namesake ingredient." And furthermore, "The rich cookie was a perfect balance of soft and crispy with a sprinkling of salt and sugar on top.

Well, we do aim to please...

If you haven't heard of it, Cool Hunting is a fantastic site known for curating the very best in style, design, food, and travel. I would highly recommend you add it to your daily blog list.