Customer Spotlight: Martha Stewart Living

We recently got the chance to share our Edible Labors of Love with the fine folks over at the offices of Martha Stewart Living. They caught wind of our "adorable berry box packaging" and asked if we could bake a special run for some VIP clients, announcing their June issue. The issue is all about berries, and as you know, that is subject matter we at Butter + Love are passionate about!

They decided to go with our Sweet + Savory package of cookies, but asked if we could make the normally square cookies round. We were happy to oblige as this was a special edition... and besides, it's fun to change it up every now and then, right?

We've got another custom order for MSL coming up next week - and this one with a new twist on the packaging! - so stay tuned for pictures of the delicious beauty we came up with!

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