I'm fairly new to Instagram; just a couple of months actually. Michael took my phone one day, started an account, handed my phone back to me and said, "This will be your new favorite thing. You're welcome."

He was right - I'm having a blast with it! Although I enjoy most social media outlets, I find it far easier to take a pretty picture than I do trying to be informative, descriptive, and witty in 140 characters or less.

However, not everyone is on the Instagram Train. This is know... and totally understand why! It's so easy to be overly connected these days. However, I am always looking for an opportunity to take a pretty picture, so it's more for my personal enjoyment than anything. I think I'm going to start posting some of my favorites here - for those of you who choose not to "Stop and Instagram the roses." (I'm speaking mostly to my sweet Mother who only *just* figured out how to text. Bless her heart.)

If you're Instagram saavy, let's stay connected! I post mostly about the Baker's Life, but sometimes I can't help but take pictures of my adorable dog and the amazing neighborhood in which I live in Brooklyn

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Stout Chocolate Cupcakes - for my dear friend's birthday

Sweet + Savory jam sandwich cookies

"Hurry up and wait." (or, An actor's motto.)
I got the chance to play a small role on a new TV show, debuting on CBS this September, "Elementary." It was fun to take a break from the kitchen for a day and hang out on set with Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller. I'll keep you updated on when the episode will air!

Sweet jam sandwich cookies. They're just so pretty!

"Stop and Instagram the roses."
On my way to the kitchen in the wee morning hours...
Fort Greene, Brooklyn

On Labor Day, we labored! But we got to make cookies...  so it was a labor of love.


Packaging up some cooking for my purveyors.

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