The Good Word: Time Out New York

While flipping through my weekly issue of Time Out New York the other day, I spied this! Butter + Love's jam sandwich cookies - getting a little bit more editorial love, this time in the comments section of the printed magazine.


The B+L Gift Guide 2011

For some reason, I am more aware of "Gift Guides" this year than I ever have been. Perhaps it's because I am now the owner of a small business and being featured in one can make for a bump up in business, but man 'o man, are they everywhere! And they're pretty fun to look through, too. It's cool to see what products people or publications are drawn to, and I always love it when small or local businesses are chosen.

So, in honor of this Season of Giving, I've put together a Butter + Love Gift Guide, for the whimsical, cheeky, and fabulous baker in your life...

Lovely Recipe Cards from one of my favorite paper companies, Rifle Paper Co. $12.00

Adorable silicone wire covered whisk from Anthropologie. $8.00

A Baker's Necklace, from Penelope's Porch on Etsy. $18.00

Set of Three Dish Towels by Leah Duncan on Etsy. $38.00

A kitchen essential for an at-home baker! Silicone Rolling Pin Rings by King Arthur Flour. $8.95

Enamel Pie Set from Falcon. £44.99

(I want these so badly, it makes my heart hurt a little bit.)

For the "pinch of salt" your Grandmother's recipe calls for. Mint Green Salt Cellar & Spoon from Jeanette Zeis Ceramics on Etsy. $30.00

Delicious and addictive preserves from my friends over at Maiden Preserves. For pricing & shipping info, contact them here.

Fany Gerson and I bake in the same commercial kitchen here in Brooklyn. Every time she hands me something and says, "Here, try this." I know I'm in for a treat! Her creations are amazing, unique, and wonderfully tasty. You can buy her cook book on Amazon and find out about here on her website, My Sweet Mexico.

No Holiday is complete without some made from scratch goodness! Our cookies are the perfect stocking stuffer, so send us an email and place your order today!



The Good Word: BecomingBklyn

"The Must-Try Holiday Cookie"

Caitlin over at Becoming Brooklyn recently named our delicate Jam Sandwich Cookies as "The Must-Try Holiday Cookie." That is a review we'll take! She recommends taking our "sweet, little sandwiches" along with you to your next fabulous holiday soirée and we couldn't agree more...

You can find them at one of our fine purveyors:

Or if you'd like, shoot us an email and we can talk about a custom order!


Post Script: Be sure to check out Caitlin's blog for all things Brooklyn. This blog was new to me when she featured us, and now it's one of my daily reads. She covers everything from locally made products, to restaurants, to events, and more. 


The Good Word: Just Desserts NYC

Thank you, kindly Blondie & Brownie!

The lovely ladies of JustDessertsNYC recently featured our Jam Sandwich cookies on their blog - just in time for Cookie Season... Ahem, I mean, the Holiday Season. Not only did they love our cookies, but they even chose us as one of the "Top Five of November!"

If you're not familiar with their blog - you should be! When it comes to desserts, these girls mean business. They make a point to hunt down the best dessert in town - as well as a host of other fabulous cities! Whether you're looking for cupcakes, pie, ice cream, cookies, or cake - this blog is a terrific reference for finding the Crème de la Crème!


The Good Word: Time Out New York

Fancy that! Our Jam Sandwich Cookies are being featured in Time Out New York's Holiday Gift Guide - specifically, in the "50 Food & Drink Gifts for $10 or Less" category. They list us as being available at The Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays and Sundays starting November 26th, however we're still finalizing dates on that. Make sure to check back here for Market dates - as well as additional Market Menu items. Every week we like to add a new item or two, you know, just to keep things interesting.

In addition to selling at The Flea, you can always find us at one of our fine purveyors:


collaboration: samplrs

We are pleased as punch to have been asked to participate in the November delivery for Samplrs, a fantastic, up and coming company that delivers some of the best local and artisan foods to their subscribers.

As you know we normally package our Jam Sandwich cookies in two separate packages, but we decided to create a "Sampler Box" so that Samplrs customers could enjoy a taste of all four of our delicious flavors! 

As it turns out, we are so pleased with how these citron-colored beauties came out that we just may start offering them via our website in the very near future. Can't you see these as the perfect addition to a gift basket? And how fantastic (and yummy!) would they be as a stocking stuffer? Oh, the possibilities...


Snapshots from the kitchen

So. Many. Cookies.

Fresh Batches of Jam Sandwich Cookies are available today at the following fine purveyors:

The Greene Grape
Brooklyn Victory Garden
Choice Greene


Snapshots from the kitchen

People have asked me what I call the various mustache shapes of my Gingerbread Cookies. I have pretty solid ideas of what I want to name the other two shapes, but this one? Jury's still out on this one. Names in the running so far are:

à la "Magnum PI" and Tom Sellick's sweet 'stache

The Burgundy...
à la "Ron Burgundy" of the movie Anchor Man

Three words: Super. Mario. Brothers.

What do you think? Did you scream, "YES!" to any of these, or do you have your own suggestion? I'd love to hear your thoughts...


Link Love: Canning to remember the past, welcome the future.

There was an article yesterday on the NPR website that caught my eye, Canning as a way to remember the past, welcome the future.  Although I am a baker by trade, my mother made sure that my knowledge of the Domestic Arts was well-rounded. Preserving and canning was a relatively frequent occurrence at my house, and although it can be an arduous process (at least to me), it is most certainly a gratifying one. I treasure the time spent with my Mom stooped over the stove, chatting about life while waiting for our peach jam to set.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved "jams and jellies," as my Grandmother referred to them, which is perhaps why I enjoy making my Jam Sandwich Cookies so much - another time intensive but highly gratifying and delicious task. There are few things better than a well-made jam or jar of preserves. And whether the fruit stands alone or is paired with any number of interesting variations available today, I absolutely love the process of testing/tasting preserves and thinking of ways to pair them with my own baked goods.

So, if you have a minute, I highly recommend clicking on the link above and reading this lovely article. 

Here are a few quotes from it that particularly resonated with me...

"... it's meditative. Little niggling stresses faded as I filled my bowls; the scratches I earned in the process I wore proudly as battle scars."

"At many moments during the picking and canning process, I thought about where those blackberries were destined — some would be layered into the cake I have still to bake, alternating with ribbons of homemade lemon curd. But most will go to our guests, all close friends and family, many of whom are traveling a great distance to be with us on our wedding day. As I cooked, I imagined them returning home and unpacking their jam to spread on good whole-wheat toast, stir into yogurt, drizzle over vanilla (or lemon?) ice cream. I hope each bite reminds them of California, and of how much they mean to us."
"As Indian summer waxes in Northern California and "that day" fast approaches, my old friend turned soon-to-be-husband and I have tucked away a jar of blackberry jam to eat after the berry stains have faded and the rush of the wedding has subsided.
Sometime, in February perhaps, we'll open it up. It will taste slightly bittersweet, as blackberries do when you don't add too much sugar (I tend to err on the side of less is more). We'll dip spoons straight in and remember this summer — and all the summers before when we scrambled over rocks and chased tadpoles in the pond as children. We'll congratulate each other on surviving this last mad dash and toast to our future. As long as we have jam, I think we'll do just fine."


Photo & Original Article by  Nicole Spiridakis for NPR.


Snapshots from the kitchen

The Hobart, Made in the USA. A bit larger than a Kitchen-Aid... and way more fun to use.


Prepping for The Brooklyn Flea!

Butter + Love is going to be at The Brooklyn Flea this weekend! That's right - get excited, folks. We'll be sharing a booth with the lovely ladies of Maiden Preserves. We use their tasty Orange-Bourbon Marmalade for our Orange Cardamom Shortbread, so they'll be plenty of that for you to try. (You're welcome.)

We'll also be unveiling a new menu item featuring another of their creative concoctions: Poppy Seed + Lemon Vanilla Bean Jam Sandwich Cookies. Take a gander, if you will...

These cookies have a really delicate and delicious flavor and are oh so soft. Lemons, poppy seeds, vanilla beans, oh my! 

So, please do stop by our booth and say hi. We're so, so excited to be a part of one of my personal favorite things about Brooklyn - The Flea...


Purveyors: Brooklyn Victory Garden

This week we're adding one close to home - keeping the love in Fort Greene at Brooklyn Victory Garden!

When I first dropped off a Sample Box at this charming addition to the ever-gentrifying Fulton Street, I was immediately taken with the ease and friendliness of the manager, Dawne. Although I had heard great things about the shop, I hadn't actually been in the store before that, but five minutes into chatting with her I knew I wanted this shop to be a home for my Bits of Baked Goodness. It's a warm, inviting store full of delicious gourmet goods - what's not to love about that? My desire to be a part of it only increased after a phone call with the owner, Tess, who was equally friendly and warm - two qualities this Midwesterner always appreciates in a New Yorker! At the end of that conversation we had decided we were going to make it happen, and we did.

All that to say - we're happy to be there along with a slew of other fantastic, Brooklyn made products. So whether you're wandering about Clinton Hill or make a special trip just because, do stop in and say hello! Pick up your Butter + Love fix and tell them we sent you...


Snapshots from the kitchen

"This shortbread is like crack." 
Quote from Suze, our awesome intern/life saver/"Jill of all Trades"

Our Orange Cardamom Shortbread is available at Greene Grape Annex and Stinky Bklyn
Get some & get hooked!


The Good Word: Brooklyn Farmacy Blog

One of our purveyors, The Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, gave us a nice Shout Out on their blog! Take a look:

 I don't know about you, but doesn't a Sundae of Broken Dreams and a Gingerbread 'Stache sound like Heaven right about now?! Perfect for these mild, early Autumn days...


Snapshots from the kitchen

For two weeks each year I am addicted to Candy Corn. It's true. I keep a bag of them in my purse - or in this case, a bowl of them on the prep table in the kitchen - to munch on throughout the day. They are always within hand's reach. Of course I can only have so many before my teeth start to hurt from the amount of sugar contained in one tiny kernel, but still I can't stop eating them. This goes on for about two weeks or until the very thought of them makes me slightly nauseous and swear I'll never eat them again. That is, until the next fall and I'm ravenously hunting down a bag from the nearest Walgreen's.

But right now? Today? I love them... and can't stop eating them.


Purveyors: Stinky Bklyn

Butter + Love's delectable Jam Sandwich Cookies, Shortbread, and the ever-popular Gingerbread Mustachios are now available at Stinky Bklyn!

A few months ago I found out that Mark - my "Cheese Guy" - was leaving The Greene Grape and I was bummed. Who was going to know what kind of cheese I was in the mood for before I did? Who was going to perfectly put together a selection of three to four cheeses to compliment my menu for dinner parties? Who was going to be both witty and knowledgeable about the sometimes overwhelming world of cheese?!

Well, luckily Mark didn't go far... just over a couple of neighborhoods to Carroll Gardens and the amazing cheese shop Stinky Bklyn. If you haven't been in there, then you should go - now. It's a great shop full to the brim with all sorts of gourmet deliciousness... including Butter + Love's very own delectable goods.

So stop in at Stinky, grab a Gingerbread Mustachio (or two!) and let the knowledgeable cheesemongers help make all your Cheese Dreams come true...


Purveyors: Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

Our Gingerbread Mustaches are now available at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain!

Take one step inside this shop and you'll feel like you've been transported back to another era; a gentler time when the highlight of your week involved strolling down to the neighborhood soda fountain, finding a table in the back corner and making eyes at your "steady" while sharing a delicious milkshake or ice cream sunday. Two straws, one glass, please! 

Oh, who am I kidding - that would be the highlight of my week now! Suffice it to say, we are pleased as punch to be selling our gingery Gingerbread Mustaches at this impossibly charming, Cobble Hill favorite. 

So grab your steady and ready yourself for a trip back in time... except this "time" allows you to mustachio yourself and post it to Facebook. That's a win-win, if you ask me.


Purveyors: The Greene Grape Annex

Manager in plaid shirt, Michael Hayes. Delicious baked goods front and center, Butter + Love.

Well, it's about time! Fort Greene just got a little more swanky with the addition of The Greene Grape Annex, serving Blue Bottle Coffee and Butter + Love's baked goodness. This is just the sort of spot you hope to stumble across while walking around Brooklyn; a spot where you can bring your laptop or current read and sit a spell...