The Good Word: Brooklyn Farmacy Blog

One of our purveyors, The Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, gave us a nice Shout Out on their blog! Take a look:

 I don't know about you, but doesn't a Sundae of Broken Dreams and a Gingerbread 'Stache sound like Heaven right about now?! Perfect for these mild, early Autumn days...


Snapshots from the kitchen

For two weeks each year I am addicted to Candy Corn. It's true. I keep a bag of them in my purse - or in this case, a bowl of them on the prep table in the kitchen - to munch on throughout the day. They are always within hand's reach. Of course I can only have so many before my teeth start to hurt from the amount of sugar contained in one tiny kernel, but still I can't stop eating them. This goes on for about two weeks or until the very thought of them makes me slightly nauseous and swear I'll never eat them again. That is, until the next fall and I'm ravenously hunting down a bag from the nearest Walgreen's.

But right now? Today? I love them... and can't stop eating them.


Purveyors: Stinky Bklyn

Butter + Love's delectable Jam Sandwich Cookies, Shortbread, and the ever-popular Gingerbread Mustachios are now available at Stinky Bklyn!

A few months ago I found out that Mark - my "Cheese Guy" - was leaving The Greene Grape and I was bummed. Who was going to know what kind of cheese I was in the mood for before I did? Who was going to perfectly put together a selection of three to four cheeses to compliment my menu for dinner parties? Who was going to be both witty and knowledgeable about the sometimes overwhelming world of cheese?!

Well, luckily Mark didn't go far... just over a couple of neighborhoods to Carroll Gardens and the amazing cheese shop Stinky Bklyn. If you haven't been in there, then you should go - now. It's a great shop full to the brim with all sorts of gourmet deliciousness... including Butter + Love's very own delectable goods.

So stop in at Stinky, grab a Gingerbread Mustachio (or two!) and let the knowledgeable cheesemongers help make all your Cheese Dreams come true...