Butter + Love: The Mini-Movie

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Monica McCarthy, of Show & Tell Stories, into the kitchen for the morning, along with her two incredibly talented cinematographers, Jason Koontz and Adam Koontz. (Yes, they're related. Brothers, actually.)

(Show & Tell Stories work their magic...)

Monica recently launched Show & Tell Productions, a company that provides 2-3 minute trailers, or "mini-movies," for small businesses, entrepreneurs, book authors, and the like. It's a fantastic idea, especially for newer companies, such as mine. And having a short, beautiful, artistic visual representation of what makes your company unique and enticing? Well, what company wouldn't want such a thing!

(The boys ready the action shot.)

I have to say that I often spend my time in the kitchen noting how beautiful the cookies are, not to mention the fresh ingredients or the careful process by which the cookies get made. I get giddy over the fresh, herby green of marjoram; the colors and textures of the various spices we use; the look of baked-to-perfection butter cookies. Luckily, platforms like Twitter and Instagram make it fairly easy to capture quick moments like this to share with our fan base. But to have a professional camera crew in the kitchen, capturing each moment live and in Hi-Def is... well, it brings the whole process to life in such an amazing way - one that you, as the customer, don't always get to experience. It's like I invited you into the kitchen with me for the morning. I just love that.

(I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.)

Another thing I loved (and really appreciated!) about this experience was the way in which Monica helped direct the shoot. From the pre-shoot interview to the filming itself, Monica's questions were insightful, helpful, and encouraging - especially in helping me focus my thoughts about my company, how I wanted it to be conveyed, and about what I was hoping to get out of this mini-movie. As a small business owner, my brain is full to the brim with a million-and-one things to be done, so having her artfully coach me through the process was incredibly useful, even with my background in acting! I felt like I was telling the story of Butter + Love to a friend, which made interview portion a pleasure. She also made sure my hair wasn't sticking up awkwardly and my lipstick wasn't smeared - seriously, Thank God for Monica!

(Adam, Monica, and Jason)

We've already made the video live on the homepage of our website, and we've been getting all manner of love on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It's been fun. So I hope you enjoy it - and please, feel free to share it, post it, Tweet it. Help us spread some Butter + Love...


Post Script: HUGE shout outs to my lovely kitchen assistant Carolyn who even put on eye-liner before coming into the kitchen that day - no small feat for a baker. I barely managed to "put my face on" myself. Also to Shane O'Neill, the friendly Barista at The Greene Grape. He brings a smile to my face each morning and I'm glad he was willing to help with the shoot. And... to The Greene Grape. You guys rock. 'Nuff said.

Post, Post Script: If you're interested in telling your own story, PLEASE check out Monica's website (linked above). Reach out to her and let her help you make a mini-movie of your own! 


  1. oh my gosh. i LOVE this and as corny and cheesy as it may sound.. i was smiling the whole time.
    this is awesome.
    you inspire me xx

  2. Such a sweet mini movie! Monica captured the spirit of Butter + Love so beautifully.