Butter + Love goes American Gothic... ahem, American Made

As you may have heard, Butter + Love is in the running for the Audience Choice Award in Martha Stewart's American Made contest. Although the overall audience vote is only a portion of the final decision - it's a big part! And we are asking you, from the bottom of our hearts, to vote for us - daily! - until September 24th. Winning this contest would be a huge honor, as well as a huge help in furthering our business...

Being a fairly new, New York City based company we've got a challenge ahead of us; one that we're eager to rise to: Get America's attention! When thinking about a creative way to "rally the troops" we got to thinking how great it would be to take classic American images, give them our own Butter + Love spin, and then post them to our various social media networks to help spread the word. This entire photo shoot, from the initial spark of genius to final photo editing, took about a week to finish. However, we threw the actual shoot together in less than a day. Luckily we live in a Borough filled with talent and creativity, and we when we called on our friends to help pull this off they were eager to help. Plus, we gave them cookies - lots of cookies. You know what they say, Team work makes the dream work. Well, team work and cookies.

First up: American Gothic...

Michael and I have a soft spot for Americana, so finding the necessary ingredients for this photo was fairly easy. We used our beloved Brooklyn as a backdrop - utilizing an amazing, old wooden home found in historic Fort Greene/Clinton Hill. We're outfitted with items from our own closets as well as a few generous loans from friends. The rolling pin we picked up on a trip Upstate last spring and that's the apron Michael uses when he helps me out in the kitchen. As far as the pose - he had the deadpan look down immediately, but it took a lot of concentration on my part to not smile!

Next up: Alison as "Rosie the Riveter..."

This was so much fun to shoot! The original image is so empowering, but I have to tell you - getting to BE the image is even better! I have a thing for vintage linen, so the tablecloth I had on hand. I picked up the red bandana from The Brooklyn Flea last weekend and borrowed the (perfect colored) chambray shirt from my friend Daria. Another friend, James, gave me that awesome B+L tattoo. Voila! "Alison the Riveter."

Next... Uncle Sam: I want YOU!

Granted, Uncle Sam didn't wear a fedora or sport a delicious Butter + Love gingerbread mustache cookie... but he should have. The beautiful, hand-stitched 48-star American Flag hanging behind me usually hangs in Michael's apartment - we found it in an antique shop out on Long Island, and it's one of his favorite possessions.

And now the best part, the cookies get their closeup... a la Andy Warhol:

Warhol's "Four Colored Campbell's Soup Cans" is such an iconic American image and it seemed the perfect way to showcase our Signature Jam Sandwich Cookies. My best friend Stephen worked his magic using a select few iPad apps to make this happen, and I love how it turned out!

So there you have it folks! Patriotic, classic Americana, delicious looking photos for you to re-blog, share, Tweet, Pin, Instagram, and show your friends. Help us rally the troops! Help us spread the word!

Let's show America what this creative, artisanal, and delicious bakery can do!


Hop on over to Martha Stewart's site and vote for Butter + Love!

These photos would never have been possible without the generous help of the following people:

Photos/Images: the incomparable Stephen Gire
Stylist, hair & makeup, and gentle, affirming presence: Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society
Typography: Janet Kim
Wardrobe contributors: Daria Siegel, Hilary Rushford
Tattoo artist/backdrop holder: James Oliphint
Drivers, prop holders, craft service, directors of social media, and general enthusiasm: Austin Shepard, Sarah Lilley, and Matt Albert


  1. Loved these so much that I had to re-post them. Best of luck!