Prepping for The Brooklyn Flea!

Butter + Love is going to be at The Brooklyn Flea this weekend! That's right - get excited, folks. We'll be sharing a booth with the lovely ladies of Maiden Preserves. We use their tasty Orange-Bourbon Marmalade for our Orange Cardamom Shortbread, so they'll be plenty of that for you to try. (You're welcome.)

We'll also be unveiling a new menu item featuring another of their creative concoctions: Poppy Seed + Lemon Vanilla Bean Jam Sandwich Cookies. Take a gander, if you will...

These cookies have a really delicate and delicious flavor and are oh so soft. Lemons, poppy seeds, vanilla beans, oh my! 

So, please do stop by our booth and say hi. We're so, so excited to be a part of one of my personal favorite things about Brooklyn - The Flea...

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  1. Would that I could, hope you had a great day.

    xo Jane